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Better dermatological care at reduced costs

Easily integrate online dermatology in your insurance offering. Attract and retain a younger audience. Reduce dermatology costs by >50%. Be part of the tele health revolution with a tried and tested service.
Reasons to become a partner
3 good reasons that make you and your members happy
>50% reduction in dermatology costs
80 GBP vs 180 GBP consultation average. 1.4 consultations to solve 90% of cases.
Attract and keep young members
70% of Snapmed users are <40 years old. 1-2% of policy holders use Snapmed yearly.
Get innovation without the risk
Super-easy integration on top of existing IT-systems. Tried and tested by >3500 patients.
Our Existing Partners
Customer quote from Storebrand

"It is great to be able to offer fast and online dermatologists in “Bli Frisk”, and it was straightforward to integrate Snapmed in our customer journey.”

Emma Gulbrandsen
Director Sourcing, Storebrand Helseforsikring / DKV Hälsa

Website & App Integration
  • Single sign on from your member portal
  • No additional login/authentication needed
  • Members access Snapmed in browser
Direct link from you to Snapmed
  • Simply forward members to Snapmed
  • We set up a custom landing page for you
  • Patient logs in with Snapmed for consultation
Over 5000 konsultasjoner online
Les hva noen av våre pasienter sier

Raskt faglig begrunnet svar, akkurat som forespeilet. Fikk også anbefaling på videre behandling, som jeg kunne ordne selv refeptfritt. Mye enklere enn å gå veien om legetime etc. Anbefales!
David, 34

Get up to 25% discount on our retail price

We are really happy if you let us help to take care of your members and are happy to offer you a healthy discount in return.

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